LocalLit book reivew: Explore Route 66 with book and app

Authors say ‘Route 66 Chicago to Santa Monica’ is ‘the only Route 66 guidebook with a fully integrated app’

Part of what made Roadtrippers’ “Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica” a fun book for me was less about Route 66 and more about learning all the behind-the-scenes activity that’s required before taking that road trip.

For instance, “Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica” gave the pros and cons of driving cars or a motorcycle and renting a vehicle versus driving one’s own. It also laid out tips for setting a budget, planning an itinerary, and attending to all the household details people might forget before leaving (deep-cleaning, pet care, watering plants and making the home secure).

Readers will also find what to pack and steps for making sure the vehicle is roadworthy. The book also provides an overview of Route 66 and optimal traveling times, depending on the area and its sights, and what to do and see if one only has 48 hours in a certain locale.

In addition to route highlights and random facts, the book offers playlists by sections (with a link for listening) and a list of movies that reference Route 66. I won’t give all those away, but I’ll mention two: “Easy Rider” and “Thelma and Louis.”

According to its Amazon description, “‘Roadtrippers Route 66″ is the only guidebook that can be paired with a supplemental app. Use your mobile device to easily plan a trip with friends, save and share your travel itinerary, learn more about each point of interest, and get turn-by-turn directions to out-of-the-way places. Check the app while on the road for live updates and exclusive offers. The basic version is free to use, and the book comes with one free month of the premium Roadtrippers Plus subscription.”

With all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, people might wonder if they should plan a road trip The Centers for Disease Control actually has guidelines for domestic travel, which aid the decision-making process.

And for readers not comfortable with traveling now, “Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica” is a good resource for getting a good deal of the planning out of the way now.

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