See live Bison on Historic Route 66!

Pay a visit to Midewin Preserve in Wilmington, Illinois

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

30239 South State, Rt 53, Wilmington, IL


If ‘The Largest Prairie Restoration Site East of the Mississippi River’ is to your liking, then make sure to visit the 18,226-acre Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, one of the largest open spaces in Illinois. 

Managed by the US Forest Service and recognized as a US National Grassland, Bison were re-introduced back on the prairie in October of 2015. 

There is a chance you could spot the elusive animal but it’s ‘not guaranteed,’ roaming throughout the prairies 28sq miles.

For another option, visit their on-line ‘Bison Live Cam’ for up-to-the-moment sightings and herd movement within the park. 

For events, interpretive programs and kid friendly Woodsy Owl educational seminars, visit them online at where there’s always something happening.

For more info, visit:

Hours: Open Daily Dusk to Dawn