Honor Service Members At This Museum On Pontiac’s Route 66

We Salute the Livingston County War Museum

Livingston County War Museum

321 North Main Street, Pontiac, IL


With an eye towards education, the Livingston County War Museum continues to bring a ‘hands-on’ experience to visitors and the community alike.

Situated at the very end of our First Hundred Miles in Pontiac, Illinois, this location is always free with free parking, free admission and tour guides who add first hand experiences to your tour.

Founders Dal Estes and Neil Bach have created a place of honor for all members of the armed forces from WWI through today. Wheelchair accessible.

Convenient elevator entrance in cool turn-of-the-century repurposed firestation. Artifacts, weapons, uniforms and everything in-between.

For more information, visit: LivingstonCountyWarMuseum.com

Hours: Daily 10am-4pm Sunday 12pm-4pm Free