A Modern Roadside Attraction Just Beyond The First Hundred Miles

Bouncy Horse Gallop is an Illinois Route 66 landmark selfie stop

Bouncy Horse Gallop

35190 East 3100 North Road, Chenoa, IL

Located on South Side of Rt 24

First prize goes to anyone in your circle who can figure out where you are. Well, you’re at the Well’s Family Farm in Chenoa, Illinois at the intersection of Old US Rt 66 and Rt 24, that’s where you are.

Started as a way for the family of farmers to avoid running over an exposed above-ground tile with their implements, the joke has grown over the years into the Bouncy Horse Gallop, featuring an entire lineup of plastic rocking horses, the kind from all our childhoods.

More appear each year but the Well’s family says please ignore the bouncy worm that magically appeared front and center one morning. ‘We kept it but moved it to the back of the line’ they said, no doubt to protect the integrity of the display.

Directions: Take I-55 (Alt US Rt 66) or Old US Rt 66 South out of Chicago to the Chenoa, Illinois Exit (Rt 24).