Celebrate National Coffee Day At Joliet’s ‘Jitters Coffee’

What Better Place to Spend International Coffee Day Than with Your Favorite Baristas at Jitters Coffee, Walking Distance from Joliet, Illinois’ Museums and Restaurants

Jitters Coffee

178 N Chicago Street, Joliet, IL


This place is all a buzz about celebrating and promotion the upcoming International Coffee Day slated yearly for every October 1. But the girls here at Jitters say that every day is National Coffee Day so they’re not just keeping it to one twenty-four-hour-period.

Duffy’s even weathered the 2009 recession and said the support of family and friends who “jumped onboard” made it possible, as well as common sense and loyal customers.

“You have to be wiling to work hard,” Duffy said. “You have to be patient. In times of discouragement, I worked hard, waited, and had great support while waiting for something to happen. And then it did.”

That “something” is a successful small business in downtown Joliet, which is how Duffy describes the last five years. Duffy has no plans to move or expand her location.

“We’re just going to get better and better,” Duffy said. “We love our customers and I hope they know that.”
n a text message Duffy said some customers have patronized Jitters "from day one," walking walk five blocks in all types of weather for breakfast and lunch. Today, it's not just downtown businesses and their employees who stop at Jitters.

"People do just come downtown to come to Jitters," Duffy said. "But there were a lot of years it wasn't like that."

Duffy feels Jitters' ability to withstand the leaner days was also due to Duffy's goal for the venue.

"My goal was never to become independently wealthy and I think that's why I never gave up," 

Duffy said in a text message. "Our goal is to be accepted and loved buy our community for what we created. And when we reach that goal, it's the best feeling ever."

Duffy called Jitters “an amazing place.” Here's why.

Come in and sample their home baked goods offering everything from sweet to savory, from breakfast and lunch sandwiches to muffins, bagels and cookies. Nice, historical streetscape allows for outdoor, limited seating but indoor, clubby, back-of-the-building seating areas with overstuffed chairs and sofas will remind you of the coffee houses of yesteryears.


WHAT: Jitters

WHEN: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thorugh Friday

WHERE: 178 N. Chicago St. Joliet

INFORMATION: Call 815-740-0048 or visit Jitters on Facebook.

Pictured above: hot vanilla chai latte

Get your brew just the way you like it and some good conversation from the girls adds to the experience. Jitters is known for their great staff and friendly regular customers. You’ll feel part of The First Hundred Miles family once you visit Jitters.

Hours: Daily 7am-3pm Closed Saturday & Sundays

For more info, visit: JittersJoliet.Com