Kick Off Your Trip With A Visit To The Field Museum!

Explore the whole world, before you even start your drive on 66

Want to come face-to-face with Sue, the World’s Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex? Or would you like to descend into an ancient Egyptian tomb? Then you need you to plot a course for the Field Museum of Natural History!

As you enter the museum, your greeted with two elephants locked in combat, dwarfed by towering dinosaurs, hanging from the ceiling. And that’s only the entryway! Countless permanent and special ticketed collections are always on view.

These special exhibits include “The Weirdest Animals In The World”, perfect to keep the kids entertained and spark an early interest in biology. Conveniently situated on Chicago’s Museum Campus, accessible by CTA Bus 130, you’ll be able to add an unforgettable memory to your Route 66 experience.

For kids of all ages, this museum is a must-see attraction before you start your Route 66 voyage!

Hours: Th-Mo 9am-5pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Field Museum Of Natural History

1400 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill